Cavco Industries, Inc.


Management & Governance

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Board of Directors

Steven G. Bunger
Chairman of the Board of Directors, Cavco Industries, Inc.
Chief Executive Officer & President, Pro Box Storage, Inc.

William C. Boor
President and Chief Executive Officer, Cavco Industries, Inc.

David A. Greenblatt
Retired Senior Vice President & Deputy General Counsel
Eagle Materials Inc.

Susan L. Blount
Retired Executive Vice President and General Counsel
Prudential Financial Inc.

Richard A. Kerley
Retired Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Peter Piper, Inc.

Julia W. Sze
Impact Investment Strategy Advisor
Julia W. Sze Consulting


William C. Boor
President and Chief Executive Officer

Daniel L. Urness
Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

Mickey R. Dragash
General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer and Corporate Secretary

Joshua J. Barsetti
Chief Accounting Officer

Steven K. Like
Senior Vice President

Charles E. Lott
President, Fleetwood Homes, Inc.

Larry H. Keener
President, Palm Harbor Villages, Inc.

Lyle D. Zeller
President, CountryPlace Mortgage

Gavin Ryan
President, Standard Casualty Company

Cavco Industries, Inc. 
3636 North Central Avenue, Suite 1200 
Phoenix, Arizona 85012-1998 
Telephone: (602) 256-6263
Facsimile: (602) 256-6176